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(evo one,2004 infiniti g35x,AT,regular key,no Thar) remote starts but dies after 8 sec

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evo-one installed in my 2004 infiniti g35x, auto trans, regular key, using a start 2 ant.

car starts on the first try but then dies after 8 sec.  on second try, cranks only.   after a bit if i send a fresh start signal it will do the same thing.   Starts, runs 8sec, dies, cranks.
Service Number : 002 807 233 381
asked Jun 25 in Infiniti by Jason Winn (130 points)

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Service number to the module please.
answered Jun 26 by Derek (117,210 points)
What happens if you set option 20.2 and re test?
I set 20.2 and now it cranks but does not start.   However, i think i may have changed some other setting as well.  the door locks no longer work from the Fortin remotes and the "unlock before start, lock after start" doesn't seem to be happening either.  possibly causing the crank not to catch?.

i'm thinking i should reset everything to factory presets.

ideas or options?


Ya a reset and re program might be best at this point.


Contact tech support and we will walk you thorugh all of this Mon-Fri 8-6 est (except next monday closed for candian holiday)