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2014 Honda Accord, standard key, automatic. Engine cranks but won't able to start

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Dear Tech support,

I have a Honda accord 2014, automatic transmission, and standard key.  I bought an Evo-one and a T-hardness P/N THAR-ONE-HON2.  I flashed the unit with firmware 73.28, and configured it with options: D2, C1, 2.2 and 38.2.  My question is, every time I tried to remote starts, the engine only cranks twice but won't be able to start.  Please let me know what do i need to do to resolve this.


Service Number : 002807-239677
asked Jun 18 in Honda by John Du (240 points)

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You have never completed the programming. You must follow the DCryptor programming using the flash link updater for this vehicle as shown in the guide.


Module status:
answered Jun 18 by Derek (117,210 points)
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Just want to update everyone, just in case some one need it in future.  After I did DCryptor programming on page 8.  It's working like a charm now. smileysmileysmiley