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why the DECRYPTOR tap doesn't show up ?

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2009 escape one key - programme - evo all ( service number:001A06 129276 )+ flash link manger 3.62 .
Programmed evo all guide# 34451successfully , connected to flash  link manager to decryptor : Result : NO decryptor tap showed up  +  status information is correct , update tap says : your device  reached flash imit.
What shall I do here?.. Thanks.
Service Number : service number : 001A06 129276
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Where and when was the product purchased?
answered Jun 15 by Derek (117,210 points)
From a friend , I don't know for how long he had it..Why?
This module cannot be re used as it is build pre 2013 and is no longer supported.

You will need a different evo that has a pre load date of at least 2013 and newer.

Honored Canadian quality is not a myth. Fortin turned into a complete hit!

2-key programming work just fine.
Ok , got me a new one EVO ALL  from ebay : Service No: 00A06759436. Programmed  : option; D1 = not to confused the car and A 5, A6 = not to let car start by itself  : are OFF] . Every step went well as estated in the above mentioned guide.
Did the DCRYPTOR + Updated the device(twice),then plugged it  into the car : Tried to remoe start : Ignition turns on , no crank and no start . Put the car- key in the ignition to TEST: Car remote starts fine.Leads something wrong ,here,with the by pass. All wiring connection is correct , did I miss something?. My problem I have ONE KEY for this car,other wise, I wouldn't use the Drcyptor. Iam stuck. I did so many installations with evo devices, nothing like this, for real , Need help and thanks to every one.
Can you try lowering the firmware to 71.35 and reprogram the unit.

 To (Mathieu Bertrand Collin ):Thanks a lot  , you are the man.