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What to buy for 2018 European Kia Sportage?

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For a 2018 Kia Sportage (European), automatic transmission, with start-stop button, can you please tell me what I should buy together with the EVO-ONE in order to have a complete system (like range extension, Phone app, etc)?

Also, will the phone app work in Europe?

Is there a T-Harness available for it?

Thank you

asked Jun 11 in Kia by Adrian Mardale (140 points)
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I would suggest contacting local distributors / professionals.


EVO-ONE can be used as the brain of the system. It can be combined with any of our RF-KITs except for the EVO-START and EVO-START2. These 2 products (evo-start, evo-start2) are for certain areas of Canada only. 


There is no t-harness for this vehicle. 

answered Jun 11 by Robb (179,930 points)
Ok, thank you.