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12 f150 yellow led comes on, KOEO ignition stays engaged,

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2012 f150 t harness, red and blue good for step 1 , key 1 on 3 seconds (till dinging stops) remove, key 2 in........yellow light comes on for a moment and ignition stays on,  problem

stuff i tried;

1 program sequence leaving the red connector disconneced, same results

2 confirmed and reflashed firmware, same results

3 connect module and press lock 3x , without bypass program sequence and holding key to the ign cyl. , no reaction

once the ingnition and yellow led get stuck on (for lack of better descripton) it remains on , attempt to start the truck a this phase will start and stay running without the key, unplug the black connector and it shuts down, truck runs normally on its own
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Try lowering the firmware to 71.28.
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