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EVO-ALL Hardware 7 - Jeep J1850 protocol

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Hello, I bought an EVO-ALL (Hardware version 7), however I would like to use it on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee ...

From the **** documentation I see that you have to use a version 4.06 maximum (not available on hardware version 7)

From some information I saw that the J1850 protocol has been reintegrated from version 7.74.22, I want to know if all the other more recent versions are also equipped? (To date the most recent version is 7.88.10)

thank you in advance
asked 2 weeks ago in Jeep by Maxime Cauchi (130 points)
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No, none of the newer versions have it.


74.22 did not have it fully implemented.


Hardware 6, firmware 4.06 evo-all is required for that vehicle to program and function properly as stated on the website:




INT-SL+ module would also work.
answered 2 weeks ago by Derek (186,660 points)