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I have an evo all in one after I disconnect the batt the alarm now sounds when I get into car shock sensor install

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Shock sensor on Evo all one goes off after batter disconnect it it happens when I get into the vehicle not when doors open before when open the horn would beep twice now it does not is there a fix
asked 2 weeks ago in Nissan by Ryan Ramsudh (160 points)

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shock sensors are 2 stage

  • stage 1 warn away, you will get 2 or 3 honk
  • stage 2 full trigger, alarm rings fully


Your shock sensor should have a little screw on it to adjust the sensitivity. You will have to play around with that and adjust it accordingly to your liking. 




answered 2 weeks ago by Robert T (280,210 points)
It should recognize when I open the doors it used to do that and the horn would sound 2 times as to say I opened it