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After remote start and trying open trunk the alarm beeps and the remote start shuts off car

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EVO ONE remote start Nissan Altima coupe 2009
asked May 7 in Nissan by Ryan Ramsudh (130 points)

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What is the S/N number on the back of the evo one module?


Are you opening the trunk with the oem remote or an after market rf kit?
answered May 9 by Derek (262,880 points)
The S/N is 002B04 162223 the item remote won't open it if I remote start it I have to open it at the trunk lid with the hatch release and when I do the alarm buzz and the car shuts off when try to open with rfk kit it just makes open sound but does not open it's a soft open sound I hear.
Its normal that the oem remote does not work to open the trunk when the car is remote started.

If you want trunk to work from the rf kit you need to hardwire it. Yellow/Black on the 20 pin connector can be used to hardwire the trunk connection.
Ok thanks so much I figured that's what had to been it just had to confirmed it