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RF642W and evo-all Remote start blinks red

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I installed the Evo-chrt5 on my 2015 Jeep wrangler. I have no power doors so i ordered a 642w RF kit. The remote start works perfectly but the remote doesnt flash with a green light, instead it blinks blue then one red blink. Just wondering why. The directions say it is supposed to blink green twice. Also the status request doesnt work.
asked Jul 8 in Jeep by jeff sawicki (240 points)

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What is the service number to the module? You can locate this on the back of the evo.


Did the remotes get programmed to the module properly as indicated in this guide:
answered Jul 9 by Derek (117,210 points)
Yes i programmed following the directions, However my RF kit was missing the RF-ALL T harness that was supposed to come with it, So i modified the one that it did come with to add the 12v and ground wires.
Can you pleas email a picture of how you manuall connected the antenna and module wires to:


Thank you.
Nevermind, I re-programmed the remotes and now it is working. maybe i missed somethign the first time. Thank you for the response.