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17 JKU Base Model

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Installing Evo-All with an Avital 4105L   All connections are made from the evo to the 4105, when I press remote start the ignition comes on, evo lights yellow.  But it does not crank. Tries 3 times then shuts off.  I read about the green/red wire to the purple wire, but also have read not to do it on a wrangler.
Service Number : 001A06810811
asked Jun 16 in Jeep by Shane Harder (200 points)
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Avital will only do D2D Protocol. You do not have this on in the evo right now.

Set the option F3-D2D on in the evo and re test.
answered Jun 18 by Derek (117,210 points)
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So after I have it reflashed for F3 do I still follow the "B" install wire to wire? Thank you for your help.
Sorry , I guess I figured you were using data since the option was enabled.

Did you follow the wire to wire installation or the data link installation?
The gentleman I ordered the Evoall from said he pre-programmed it for wire to wire, so I followed that diagram. I would much rather pull it all out and wire for D2D just making sure which plan I should follow.
You should follow the plan that correspondes to how the two units are connected together.

If connected in data follow data link instal, if wire-to-wire follow wire to wire installation.
I'm trying to change it to F3 but when I connect the evo-all to the flash link, the F options are grayed out?



It appears I have F3 selected now, I just went and tried it in the Jeep and get nothing at all now. I have followed the d2d install guide.
Are you connected in the large d2d port on your avital?
Yep. And have the 2 yellow wires connected to the ignition output on the avital
have you tried re programming the module since you made these changes?
Yes, I tried it last night when I got it reporgrammed. I'm have more time to look at it tonight.


When I hit the lock or unlock the Evoall flashes blue,  but hitting remote start nothing happens.

Update: my mistake, I missed a ground on the remore start, everything is up and working! Thanks for your help on the options to program!